Domenico Ribatti

Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences, Neurosciences and Sensory Organs Section of Human Anatomy and Histology – University of Bari Medical School

Domenico Ribatti was born in Andria, Italy, on December 27, 1956. He was awarded his M.D. degree on October 1981, with full marks. In 1983, Dr. Ribatti joined the Medical School as Assistant at the Institute of Human Anatomy, University of Bari. In 1984, he took the specialization in Allergology. In 1989, he spent one year in Geneva, working at the Department of Morphology (Prof. R. Montesano). In 2008, he received the honoris causa degree in Medicine and Pharmacy form the University of Timisoara (Romania). His present position is full professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Bari Medical School.

Domenico Ribatti is author of 800 publications as reported in PUBmed and contributed to 45 chapters to books. Overall, his papers have been cited 42080 times (Google Scholar “h” index: 106).

Member of the Editorial Board: Journal of Angiogenesis Research (2009), Journal of Hematotherapy and Stem Cell Research (2001-2003), Drug Design Review Online (2004), Leukemia (2003-2010), Open Journal of Hematology, Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery (2005-), Recents Patents on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery (2005-), The Open Cancer Journal (2007-), The Open Inflammation Journal (2008-), Journal of Interferon, Cytokine and Mediator Research (2008-), Endothelium (2008), Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology (2008-), Liver Cancer Review Letters (2009-2013), Stem Cell Review Letters, World Journal of Stem Cells (2009-2013), International Journal of Developmental Biology (2010-), Curren Angiogenesis (2011), The Scientific World Journal (2011), American Journal of Blood (2011), World Journal of Experimental Medicine (2011), Journal of allergy and Therapy (2011), Recent Patents on Biomarkers ((2010), Frontiers in Oncololy (2010), Frontiers in Biosciencs (2010), World Journal of Hepatology (2009), Vascular Cell (2011), PloS ONE (2012)

Associated Editor of Stem Cell and Development (2004-2010).

Member of the Scientific Commitee of the Italian Foundation of Neuroblastoma (2003-2004).

Reviewer for several international journals: Acta Haematologica; Acta Oncologica; Acta Physiologica; American Journal of hematology; American Journal of Cancer; American Journal of Kidney Diseases; American Journal of Pathology; American Journal of Physiology; Angiogenesis; Annals of Medicine; Annals of Rheumatic Diseases; Arthritis Research Therapy; Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology; Biochimica Biophysica Acta; Biochimica Biophysica Acta

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Reviewer for the following international organizations: ARC Org UK; Arthritis Research Compaign; Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro; Cancer Research UK; Dutch Cancer Society; MIUR; Israel Science Foundation; Health Research Council of New Zealand. Philip; Morris Research Management Group; National Medical Research Council Singapore; Postgraduate Medical Education

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